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O'Kaicho Malcoms History 

I started training in 1971 at the Honbu or headquarters of Bob Jones Karate. It was then known as the Goju Rebels and was situated in the heart of Melbourne city at Elizabeth st. It had been running for approx 1 yr.

Bob Jones had been the first black belt graded in Australia by his instructor, well known Martial Artist Tino Ceberano in Goju kai. The other highest ranked students were green belts. 

There were two martial artists running the school who were both 1st dans, Bob Jones and Richard Norton - a brilliant Martial Artist who later became a well known Martial Artist Actor.

The style was obviously based on the Goju style, very traditional. The whole class was taught in Japanese which could only be described as Spartan workouts, with very realistic sparring by the best and hardest street fighters & bouncers in Melbourne. 

Dave Berry and Paul Flemming were the first black belts graded in the system. After 18 months myself and Billy Manne (still known as a martial arts machine) graded to black belt – people thought that was quick to achieve black belt. The average student trained twice a week. I trained 6 days a week, a lunch time class and classes on Saturday and on Sunday would go to Bob Jones house and train with him. 

So in 18mths I did the equivalent of four to five years personal training which is known as uchi deshi  I became Dai Sempai or disciple to Richard Norton and he taught me his hidden secrets on lightning speed and explosive impact. 

I worked my way through 2nd and 3rd degree at the same time, working my way up the ladder of what was now known as Zen Do Kai, in the era which is known as underbelly. At the age of 22 I was bouncing 4 nights a week in some of the most notorious nightclubs in Melbourne where my fitness, discipline and martial arts ability were tested time and time again, in most cases purely in the art of survival. 

Then an opening arrived in QLD to run the organisation, which had a school in the heart of Brisbane city and on the Sunshine Coast. Compared to Melbourne weather QLD was heaven with its sun & beaches. 

The original black belts – some still train now- James Reid, Tony Quinn, Rod Stroud, Ken Fleming, and  Will Fehres. 

As a new alpha in the area, I put most in hospital from the brutual sparring sessions to prove superiority. All I can say about that now, being more mature, is that that was the way it was done in that era. 

One of the best martial artist I have ever met, Kaicho Noel Hatwell, also followed me from Melbourne and became lord of the all powerful Nemesis clan. 

With these great people we started sub clans that virtually ran individual areas. This is what exploded the QLD state to a massive 120 schools.

Kaicho Steve Roberts, a very good friend and still a martial arts powerhouse did and still does run the Sunshine Coast. In Cairns, Razorback Dojos was headed by Dai Tasshi Rod Miller, also a very powerful and street experienced warrior. 

As you will be aware I have continually mentioned the fighting background of the foundation members. I feel that this is very relevant because as well as being a very traditional style, we are also a combat style - which means as well as our theories and principles our style is very effective in the art of self defence. 

Many years later a second generation of masters have been produced that now are helping to forge the style – they include Kaichos’ Branko Rusan, Louise Rusan, Marty Scroggins, Craig Singleton and Pat Kiely. All the masters run very powerful sub clans. And have generations of black belts under there control.

At a certain time Zen Do Kai QLD separated from the rest of Zen Do Kai. This was a very complex period; there has been many therioes about why this happened. Many years later there is still lively debate and I do not want to re-open that can of worms. I will merely leave that up to the cyber masters to debate that one.  For convenience, I will put it down to evolution, and in closing that chapter would like to say Bob Jones was a great mentor to me and I have the greatest respect for Zen Do Kai students and black belts. Remember I was your number one student.

So now we are our own style – Anderson Bushi Kai which translated means Anderson’s Society of Warriors. We have stayed very traditional in our approach and kept our well earned combat background. We have developed exacting standards to black belt and have kata masters all the way to tenth degree. Our style has all levels from lower ranks to young black belts, moving up through to lower & upper masters.

Many of the upper masters are now studying and practising physic readings, healing and advanced meditation and higher levels of consciousness, becoming shamans and sages. 

So after nearly forty years I feel that our style is very respected within the martial arts community and more importantly we have an unbreakable bond of brotherhood & sisterhood which has been tested under battle and held rock strong. 

- Malcolm Anderson 2009


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